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Custom Cherry Box

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Refinishing cedar hope chest

Refinishing gun stock

Refinishing Maple Table

Refinishing chair

Custom Built Cherry Box

Project date: April 2015

Project aim:

To create a custom Cherry Box for a High End Fashion Collection.

Joey's comments:

So I needed to create a custom Cherry Box lined to tie in with this High End Fashion Collection

Custom Built Chairs

Project date:  January 2017

Project aim:

To create a bench from dining room chairs.

Joey's comments:

These two chairs had been in the family for many years. The finish was mostly gone along with one of the legs being damaged. I stripped what was left of the finish, disassebled and reglued the joints, moved the arm from chair to the other, constructed a seat, and create a back to tie the 2 chairs together. I final finished them with stain and a satin finish.

Custom Built Liquor Cabinet

Project date:  June 2016

Project aim:

To create a Liquor Cabinet from an old 1932 Spartan Radio Cabinet.

Joey's comments:

This cabinet was actually found in the garbage, but the owner had a vison for it. She wanted it converted into an Liquor Cabinet. As you can see it has seen better days with some birds droppings and 2 bees nests inside. I took the inside front panel and moved it to the back, replace to booked veneers on the top, created a wine glass rack inside, stripped and refinished as requested.

Custom Tool Box

Project date:  June 2015

Project aim:

To create a custom toolbox for a set of tools that can be displayed anywhere in the home.

Joey's comments:

So the challenge here was to create a custom toolbos that could be left anywhere in the home without looking like the typical tool box. I even made a new handle for the driver. What you don't see are magnets underneath the wood where the tools sit so that nothing falls out even if turned upsidedown with the lid open.

Cedar / Hope Chest Refinishing

Project date:  May 2015

Project aim:

To bring a 70+ year old Cedar / Hope Chest Back to life.

Joey's comments:

As you can see, the original finish has seen better days with the booked veneers damaged beyond repair on the lid, legs being creacked from age and just in general in need of a complete refinish. the interior of this piece wa amazingly in perfect shape with the cedar still providing tha tgreat aroma. Needless to say, I replaced the booked veneers on the led, repaired the legs and refinished per the clients wishes.

Gun Stock Refinishing

Project date:  November 2016

Project aim:

To bring an old gun stock back to life without damaging any detail of stamped areas in the stock.

Joey's comments:

When working with a gun stock, refinishing can be challenge especially since you don't want to sand the piece as that can ruin some the detail. While this was a tedious process, the final product shows the rewards from putting the proper time in. You also don't want to use just any finish on them so as to preserve it original look and feel.

Maple Table Top Refinishing

Project date:  July 2015

Project aim:

To refinish a Maple Table top from years of use (and an attempt by the customer to fix it themselves.

Joey's comments:

This particular piece had sentimental value to the client. It has suffered damage from scratches, hot items being place on it, and of course, an attempt to fix the finish themselves. I completely striped the top and finished with a hig gloss finish. It is also buffed to really bring out the shine.

Repair Chair

Project date:  Various Dates

Project aim:

To repair the broken chairs to make the sets complete again.

Joey's comments:

With the exception of these chairs being broken, the rest of the sets are in great condition. Without having to replace entire sets due to one chair being broken, i repaired all these pieces to that the sets are complete again and in some cases stronger than when they where originally made.

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